Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the lids supposed to “pop” when I open the jar?
    • Not all products need to be packed with pop-up tab buttons in the cap. The lack of the “pop” does not mean the jar has lost its seal.
  2. Are your olives Gluten Free?
    • Yes! Our olives are Gluten Free.
  3. Once I open the jar, how long can i keep them in the refrigerator?
    • Our recommendation is to consume them within twoo weeks once you have opened the jar.
  4. Is the "Best By" Date only unopened?
    • Yes
  5. Where can i find the "Best By" Date?
    • The "Best By" Date for jars are found on the rim of the lid. The "Best By" Date on cans are found on the top or bottom of the can.
  6. Do you have any of the top 8 allergens in your plants?
    • Depending upon the product in question, we have plants that process ingredients or products that contain milk, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, fish, crustaceans. It is our practice to place a cautionary statement on the label when there is a risk of cross-contact.
  7. What are probiotics?
    • Probiotics are helpful microorganisms found in foods such as yogurt and our Susaron Tea. The probiotic in our teas is stable even when brewing tea with hot water, therefore ensuring a full-strength use.
  8. What are pimiento’s?
    • “Pimiento” is the Spanish word for pepper. For Spanish-style olives, the pepper is a sweet, not hot, red pepper. Depending on the product, the pimiento stuffing may be in the form of cut-up pieces of pimiento or a paste that is based upon the use of pimiento powder. With regards to sliced, diced or whole pimientos in jars or cans, they are made from cuts or whole pieces of the whole pimiento.
  9. Are the olives still good that are unopened but, passed the Best by Date?
    • Although the olives can still be “safe” to eat (depending on how they have been stored), for the best quality we do not recommend using the product after the Best by Date.
  10. Why do the size of olives vary per jar?
    • Olives are sorted by ranges of size. Within that range, there will be some size variation.
  11. Is your cans BPA Free?
    • Our Mario retail olives in cans are “non-intent BPA free”.
  12. What is olive oil?
    • Olive oil is the pure oil obtained directly from the olive itself. To truly be classified as olive oil, the liquid cannot be mixed with any other kind of oil--it must be completely unadulterated.
  13. How can i reduce the salt level?
    • To help reduce some of the salt content, you can rinse the olives in water. We also make a Reduced or Low Sodium olive that may better suit your needs.
  14. Is an olive a fruit or a vegtable?
    • Olives are fruits!
  15. Are the olives packed in Olive Oil?
    • While some olives may be packed in olive oil, most are packed in brine.
  16. Is your Olive Oil really authentic Olive Oil?
    • Yes, our oil is authentic and tested periodically to ensure authenticity.
  17. Can I freeze the olives?
    • Freezing olives can have a negative impact on texture, resulting in olives that are softer than desirable.
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