Our Mission

Our Mission


If you love good food, you're in good company. From farm to table, we grow, nurture, process and deliver distinctive, healthy foods & creative product solutions that are good for you and the environment.

When we say “good” we mean delicious! Our unmistakable, bold flavors are reminiscent of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. But our mission goes far beyond just tasting good.

We see food as an eco-issue and care about the impact our products have on the world around us. Our environmental and sustainability efforts, such as reducing water waste and eliminating fossil fuel usage, define us as an industry leader.

Beyond our environmental efforts, we are refocusing our business to incorporate social issues that are important to all of us. We want to create a shared value, an ideal that reflects the growing belief that generating a profit and making social progress are not mutually exclusive goals. We are passionate about healthy food, a healthy environment, and a healthy company.

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