Susaron Active Balance Teas

In 1929, Don Froilán Rascón Reyero, the founder of the Susaron Company, began gathering medicinal plants and herbs in the areas surrounding the Susaron rock. He used them to make teas for family and friends, but as word of his healthful teas spread, so too did the demand. Reyero began to offer the teas to travelers on the “Transcantábrico” train when it stopped at the railway station in the village of Boñar. The Susaron tea business boomed for the next three generations.

In 2000, Reyero’s grandson took Susaron to the next level, modernizing the traditional processing techniques. All herbs and plants are now processed in Laboratorios Sanor, S.A, a modern pharmaceutical laboratory located in the town of Otero de las Dueñas. This innovative approach balances both science and nature. The natural source and benefits of the herbs and plants are retained while rigorous scientific testing ensures the authenticity of each ingredient. Today, Susaron tea is a household name in Spain known for its uncompromised quality, innovation, and health benefits.

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